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Lamar Pineapple 12x1L 100% Juice

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Lamar Pineapple

100% Natural Pineapple Juice


The delicious refreshing Lamar juices contains no additives, preservatives or stabilizers. The juice contains higher levels of antioxidants than most other fruit juices.



Purified Water, Pineapple Juice Concentrate, Total soluble solids Not less than 11.2%

Pasteurized, No Preservatives, No Colors, No Sugar Added


Nutrition Values

Serving Size            : 100ml

Energy                     : 52K

Carbohydrates        : 12.4g

Protein                    : <1g

Fat                           : <1g

Sodium                    : 2g

Vitamin C                : 19 mg

                               Shake well before use


Available Flavors

                                : Pineapple 100% Juice

                                : Red Grapes 100% Juice

                                : Pomegranate 100% Juice


Packing                    : 12 x 1L

Self-Life                   : 1 Year

Expiry Date              : 17th June 2020

Attributes                : Pasteurized, No Preservatives, No Colors, Less Sugar.


Lamar Brand Milk and Juices are import and distributed by Oneclick Pvt Ltd. For queries please call us (+960) 7491234 eMail:

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Brand Lamar
Sizes 1000ml
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